Happy Holidays!

I found the perfect gift for someone with money to get you

Happy Holidays from some starving artists! CozInk will be whoopin' it up tonight in Woodstock. Be safe, and make merry!


Mucho Arborea News!

Arborea has been BUSY! I have three bits of awesome news to share about stuff going on in the musical endeavors of Buck & Shanti.

The first is the inclusion of Arborea on a beautiful tribute album, produced by Wears the Trousers magazine. Wears the Trousers is a print and online magazine centered around women in music. The album is "Beautiful Star: The songs of Odetta" and is a tribute to folk musician / civil rights activist Odetta Holmes. Sales from the album will help the Fawcett Society and the Women's Resource Centre. Arborea's contribution to this album is a calmly powerful cover of "This Little Light of Mine", which you can download from Amazon or iTunes and hear below.

Which leads to the second bit of news; the Maine Video Activists Network and Craig Saddlemire produced a 40th episode music video that features Arborea's recording "This Little Light of Mine." The video gathers clips from the previous 39 episodes that MVAN has produced, and follows the organization from its start in 2006. The video can be seen below.

And the third and last bit of news is that Arborea will soon be kicking off their month-long European tour. Leaving in mid-January, Buck and Shanti will kick off the tour with an appearance on the Planet Claire radio show ( 93.1FM) in Paris on January 20th. From there they will tour France, Spain, and Italy before ending the tour with a show in Brussels, Belgium. For more information and specific dates/locations, see Arborea's website.


the Solid Supper

We're just emerging from Flu-Hell, and I'm finally clear headed enough to start blogging again. So for my first blog back, I thought I would point you to an upcoming event that deserves your support!

In the wake of Maine voters' veto of the law allowing same-sex marriage in the state, there could easily be a desire to give up and step back, because you might not know what else you can do. One thing that is incredibly important is supporting Maine's queer youth, through programs like high school Gay/Straight Alliances, and Outright L/A, the last remining Outright organization in the state.

This upcoming Saturday, December 19th, several cooperatives from central Maine are hosting a Solidarity Supper at the Turner Grange. The Faire-Op housing co-op, the Bangarang House, and the JED Collective are teaming up to raise money for Outright L/A and the Treatment Action Campaign.

Both are incredibly deserving organizations. Outright L/A provides a safe space and a vital support system for LGBTQ youth in the Lewiston/Auburn area, with resources including counseling, networking, and community. The Treatment Action Campaign is a South African AIDS activist organization. The group works in S. Africa to ensure that people living with AIDS/HIV have access to the health care and community support they need.

The supper starts at 5:30, with music/entertainment starting at 6:30. Admission is a sliding scale donation, and for more information or contact info, please visit the JED Collective site.


There will be more blogging coming up soon, including some very cool news from Arborea. For now, be healthy!