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Hi everybody, This is Buck and Shanti calling out to anyone that might be interested in helping to make a special once in a lifetime project become a reality. Arborea has evolved far past our current means, our imaginations are exploding with creativity, and we have many new songs to record. Sadly though, our once faithful old recording machine has finally kicked the bucket! So here we are with loads of music and no way to record it. Our goal is to make the ultimate ‘Arborea’ record without limitations of any kind and document it on film. We plan to invite some amazing musicians and artists (drums, cellos, and walls of guitar and banjo) from around the world to be involved to help us realize this vision. We will also be pressing a special limited run of the recording on Vinyl. When the record is finished Shanti and I, along with our two children will embark on a tour across America…from our home in Maine to the golden shores of California and up to the grand mountains of the Pacific Northwest (this tour will include private house concerts for folks who end up helping us achieve our goal). After touring America we will fly across the Pond to play shows in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England…and finish up our World Tour in Europe. Of course we would absolutely love to perform in Australia and Japan, if there is anyone that wants to bring us over!

On the road we will also be helping to promote the hunger relief benefit compilation cd that we have curated titled ‘Leaves of Life’. All proceeds from the sales of Leaves of Life will be going to support vital hunger relief efforts run by the UN World Food Program.

Thanks in advance for being a part of this album! Here is list of what you will receive for your level of donation:

$9 – Seed Level: A free digital download of the album, when it's released.
$25 – Root Level: An advance signed copy of the CD- Weeks before the release date.
$50 – Seedling Level: An advance signed copy and a signed T-shirt.

$100 – Sapling Level: All the above, plus a special T-shirt saying you're a junior executive producer on the album.

$200 to $400- Birch Level: All the above, plus free admission to our shows for a 5-year period.

$500 to $900 – Maple Level: All of the above, plus a signed copy of the Limited vinyl pressing of the record, and a special Thank You in the liner notes of the cd.

$1,000 - Oak: We’ll write and record a song dedicated to you!

$2,500 – Red Spruce Level: All the above, and be mentioned as an executive producer of the album in the cd liner notes!

$5,000 – Redwood Level: We’ll come and do a house concert for you. Invite your friends, and we’ll put on the show of a lifetime. We’ll also invite some special musician guests to perform with us, and also record this unique event and give you a cdr copy for your archives

$10,000 – Forest Level: You get to come and sing or play your instrument on our CD, and you will get mention in the liner notes as performer and executive producer. Free copies of any of our future releases (including special live recordings), Free entries to our shows for life, and we’ll design a unique Arborea T-shirt just for you.

Our goal is to come up with $85,000 for recording, filming, touring and living expenses. We are dedicated to making an Epic record and look forward to including you in our experience! We are also seeking business minded people looking for an investment opportunity. If you are interested in investing a significant amount towards our project please send us an email and we will discuss ways to make this a joint venture.


CozInk Cards for sale in Minneapolis!

You lucky Minnesotans, you.

CozInk cards are now available in a fabulous brick and mortar store just outside of Minneapolis. Artsy Tartsy is an arts and crafts store in Savage, MN, and as of yesterday when the cards arrived at the store, is officially carrying CozInk cards. I'm happy to be working with Julia, the owner, and hope Minnesotans are pleased with their little piece of Maine art. :)

Artsy Tartsy is located at 14115 Hwy 13 S in Savage, MN 55378.


Roots & Tendrils show (Part 2)

Part 2 (which actually came first... I just uploaded files backwards) of the Roots & Tendrils show on Saturday night was Sunwell. This was their first show outside their native Lewiston. Sunwell is made up (from left to right) of Denise, Jordan, and Jessy:

Watch Sunwell's performance of Denise's original song, "Fiction"

an old traditional folk song, "Lazarus"

another traditional, "Cripple Creek" (Buffy St. Marie also recorded versions of both Lazarus and Cripple creek- check them out!)

a song that Jessy wrote, "Dallas"

So there it is. I have more video, but I'm gearing up for the printmaking workshop tomorrow. I have 5 gelatin plates to make, paper to cut, supplies to gather, nerves to calm...

Roots & Tendrils, Belfast Maine

I posted about the show, and I'll post more about the show later, but I didn't really talk about the venue much.

"Roots & Tendrils is a multi-use arts venue run by husband and wife team Bub and Meg Fournier" so their website's "about" page starts. It's an informative little page, but it could never really get across how nice the people and the space are. Meg & Bub are both super nice people, who make folks (customer, artists, and musicians alike) feel relaxed and right at home in their gallery.

The gallery itself it in a beautiful old red building on Cross Street. Parking is easy, either on the street or at the city of Belfast's public lot (take a left at the "Public Parking" sign on your way down Main street), which is less than a block away from R&T. Look for the big red building, with an installment of carvings by artist Ron Cowan out front (two are shown in the first picture).

Roots & Tendrils is made up of a gallery space (currently showing
"Little Epiphanies", a beautiful collage exibit by artist
Nitasia S. Timms), a retail component selling hand made crafts by Maine artisans (many of whom can also be found on the Etsy Maine Team!), and a live music venue (with what all the performers on Saturday night agreed was a GREAT sound set up).

As if that wasn't enough- the drive there on Route 3 is one of those classic drives that make you so glad you live in Maine (or so glad you're visiting, as the case may be...). The little town of Belfast is well worth showing up a couple hours early for any Roots & Tendrils show, to give you time to visit the harbor and explore the cool shops along Main Street.

Put it on your list.


Roots & Tendrils Show (Part 1)

These video files are HUGE, so I'm going to post this in two parts, and the second part ain't coming 'til tomorrow, folks. Those are going to have to upload overnight.
Last night, Roots & Tendrils (an awesome little music venue and gallery that, in addition to hosting music performances, also houses some beautiful art and handmade crafts from Maine artisans) hosted an all-ages double show featuring two CozInk-affiliated groups: Arborea and Sunwell, both out of Lewiston.
The first part of this intimate little show is Arborea:

Arborea performing "Beirut"

and "Seadrift"

You can read more about Arborea, hear more tracks, and find upcoming shows at www.myspace.com/Arborea2

The second post from last night will be pictures from Belfast on the night of the show, and pictures/video from Sunwell's performance, and will be coming tomorrow...