There are changes in the works for CozInk. Right now, it looks like CozInk, the name only, will morph into just my stuff, and it will cover my Etsy shop and my printmaking. The collective is movingmorphinggrowing and right now it appears the new name will be the Tryall Artistic Collective, and there will be all sorts of cool stuff like a new blog and a website and hopefully even an online marketplace. More to come...

For now, though, the upcoming events are thus:
August 1st, I'll be at the Augusta Art Walk, on the nature trails of the UMA campus. Jamie from Sweetland Retreat offered to share her space, and since I'm teaching a printmaking workshop there in August, it seemed a good opportunity to show some prints, and printmaking crafts, and maybe even do some crafting demos at the event.

August 8th is going to be an awesome show at Roots & Tendrils in Belfast. An all-Tryall/CozInk pairing of Buck and Shanti's Arborea, and Jessy and Denise's Sunwell starts at 8:00pm. This is going to be an all ages show in a great little venue. Tickets are $7 at the door.

August 11th I am teaching a printmaking workshop at Sweetland Retreat, in Manchester, Maine. Class size is limited to 8 students, and sign-up deadline is August 5th. See here for more details.

August 22nd, I am super happy to be sharing a space with fellow Etsy Maine Team member moondogfarm, at the Rock & Art Shop in Ellsworth, Maine.

August is shaping up to be a pretty fun month!

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