Roots & Tendrils Show (Part 1)

These video files are HUGE, so I'm going to post this in two parts, and the second part ain't coming 'til tomorrow, folks. Those are going to have to upload overnight.
Last night, Roots & Tendrils (an awesome little music venue and gallery that, in addition to hosting music performances, also houses some beautiful art and handmade crafts from Maine artisans) hosted an all-ages double show featuring two CozInk-affiliated groups: Arborea and Sunwell, both out of Lewiston.
The first part of this intimate little show is Arborea:

Arborea performing "Beirut"

and "Seadrift"

You can read more about Arborea, hear more tracks, and find upcoming shows at www.myspace.com/Arborea2

The second post from last night will be pictures from Belfast on the night of the show, and pictures/video from Sunwell's performance, and will be coming tomorrow...


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