first shows of 2010

Happy New Year! Here's hoping everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve. I would add "warm", but that's asking for a bit much for Maine in January.

What better way to kick off a new decade than supporting some awesome indie art/music? There are several CozInk shows coming up in the next few weeks, so here's a rundown:

  • Firstly, the 30//30//30 exhibit at Roots & Tendrils is showing through January, and includes my photograph, 'Quiet Movement'. The show ends on Jan. 30th (Jan. 30th is a good day to visit Roots & Tendrils, by the way... keep reading...).
  • On January 8th, Arborea is playing at the Solidarity Center in Brewer, Maine. See the Events list at right for more details. This is Arborea's last local show before they embark on their latest European tour, which kicks off with a radio appearance Jan. 20th in Paris. Visit their website to see all their European dates/locations.
  • On January 30th we head back to Belfast and our friends Meg and Bub at Roots & Tendrils, where Old Man Forest will be playing live along with Alex Pastuhov. A showtime for this event is TBA. Check back for updates.
  • February 5th Old Man Forest will be playing in Portland, Maine. I know this, but not much more. More info will come asap! Keep checking the events listing at right for updates on this show.
  • And finally, February 11th, Old Man Forest will be playing live at North Star Cafe in Portland, Maine at 7pm. North Star Cafe is a cozy cafe/coffee house and live music venue, and have played hosts to some great local indie music. Come out and thank them for supporting local musicians!

That's not everything, but you get the idea- you can see more shows on the events list, and I'm sure more will be added. On a side note, I'm going back to college in a couple weeks, and depending on how I do juggling school, a kiddo, and home, I don't know if my Etsy shop will stay open. I hope it will, but if you've been eying anything at CozInk Paper Goods, it might be a good idea to snag it now before I am too overwhelmed to keep up with the shop. Here's a small idea of what's in the shop right now:

Have a great 2010!

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