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A message from Arborea about their current Kickstarter.org project:

Hello, This is Buck and Shanti of the Indie folk duo Arborea.

Thanks so much for visiting our project page! Shanti and I have been working extremely hard since our debut cd in 2006...writing, recording, touring as much as possible throughout the US, UK, and Europe. If you aren't familiar with our music here are a few press quotes we've received for our past releases.

"Shanti and Buck Curran get it right, with memorable songs that linger in the ether long after the last track ends." - NPR

"Maine folk duo Arborea creates timeless music" - Dirty Linen Magazine

"Arborea's brand of folk music is ethereal, bone-chilling, and beautiful all at once!" - Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Husband and wife team, Buck and Shanti Curran, construct a fragile, resonant world with a lingering Americana after-taste, shimmering with the same wide-open spaces Ry Cooder’s
captured so well on Paris, Texas." - BBC

"Singer/banjo player Shanti Curran has an ethereal, frequently otherworldly voice that reminds of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, but with considerably more gravitas and soul" - Lucid Culture

"A Magical Mystery Tour" - Boston Globe

"Singularly breathtaking" - Portland Phoenix

...Each year we've had a little more success...becoming more independent along the way, leading us to our current project. We've spent the past year writing and recording, and now we are working hard to finish up the record but we need help, so we're reaching out to fans to help make this the most successful and creative release possible!

We are asking you to help raise money so that we can complete the final stages of producing and pressing the record...that includes mastering and manufacturing the cd. If we raise $2000 over our goal we'd also love to master and press vinyl...which is something we always wanted to do and also something a lot of fans have been asking about. Even a $1 to $5 dollar pledge would make a huge difference and helping us achieve our goal.

The other important reason for doing a Kickstarter project is the Best part...hitting the road and bringing the music to you guys! Shanti and I love sharing the intimate part of making the music come alive through performance and we are committed to traveling in America, Ireland, the UK, and Europe...but we'll need extra pledge funds to help us all get there. We also need to purchase some microphones to improve the 'acoustic' presentation of our live performances. Also, on tour we hope to make a special video to document our journey. All of this takes an incredible amount of hard work and resources!

We are also the parents of two great kids who are home-schooled, so they'll be traveling with us on tour and that will also be a major part of their lessons (think Road-schooling!). We traveled with them across the U.S. last spring and it was a wonderful experience as a family.

We've set our goal to the bare minimum of $2,500, but we can certainly use as much help as possible beyond that...because mastering, and pressing a cd can be expensive enough, add to that all the funds needed to help press vinyl, promotion, and go on tour (motels, food, fuel, oil changes, etc) and it can add up to well over $10,000!

For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter, here's how it works:
We've set a minimum goal of $2,500, and you can pledge any amount you'd like! In return for your contribution, you'll get great rewards like an advance signed copy of the cds, concert tickets, a tour dvd, your name in the liner notes of our CD, or in some cases a special performance just for you (the rewards are listed to your right). The catch with Kickstarter is it's an all or nothing project...so unless we raise At Least $2,500 by the project deadline...the project won't happen and all our hard work over the past year will not see fruition.

Thanks in advance for all your support and faith in our music, film, and art!

Note: The film used for our project page is one of Shanti's creations (with some filming done by me). We hope to get a better video camera to make ever better films! (It was shot with a small Sony Bloggie)
Also, the song is from our third record 'House of Sticks' and is called 'In the Tall Grass'

Project location: Lewiston, ME

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