Neighbor By Neighbor Premier

The premier of Neighbor By Neighbor was held last night, in Callahan Hall at the Lewiston Public Library. Played to a full house, Neighbor By Neighbor was emotional, funny, endearing, and empowering. The film was an inspiring portrayal of the differences a group of neighbors can make in the shaping of their own community. These residents saw a negative impact bearing down on their neighborhood, and rather than step aside and say "What a shame", the joined hands, stood up, and said "No." Their neighborhood was worth saving, and they saved it.

They worked, talked, organized, networked, and just plain walked the neighborhood to stop a road from being built. A road that would have displaced 850 low income residents from their homes. They got a member of their community elected to City Council to give them a voice on the council. They lobbied the city to replace a local park and playground that the city had taken down. The Visible Community meets every Tuesday, and is continuing its work to improve life for downtown Lewiston residents. For more info, please feel free to comment or email.

Neighbor By Neighbor

Jessy Kendall speaking last night about the film, and about The Visible Community.

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