Buck & Shanti's new CD, House of Sticks came out in late February, and is available from Darla. They also uploaded some new songs to their MySpace page, if you want to take a listen. I'm kind of in love with their song, Alligator, from that record.

Also, Neighbor By Neighbor is being shown again in Lewiston. This time it'll be at Guthrie's, on April 17 from 7PM-9PM. BUT, this time there is the huge added bonus of artists from the soundtrack performing after the show. Right now, I know Jessy & Denise Dill will be there, I think Arborea will be as well, and if I remember correctly, Big Blood from Portland were trying to come up. All that is subject to change, of course, but that's the info I've got right now.


p.s. excerpts and whatnot from Letter Founder #56 coming soon!

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