Littleput Land

A few days ago, Casie from Littleput Land (and a member of the Etsy Maine Team) posted a contest on her Facebook fan page. It was to unveil her newest magnet set design, based on Maine lighthouses. The first person to name all four lighthouses included in the design would get a free magnet set. Having been married next to a Maine lighthouse, I guess I have a soft spot for them and for the Maine coast in general. I love the rockyness of it that is different than the sandy beaches that are traditionally associated with the ocean. I would rather climb over rocks in February than sit on a beach and cook myself in July. So I jumped at the chance to try naming them all. I managed to get them all right, and Casie must have mailed my set right out because I received them in my mailbox this morning.

If you want a set like this in particular, it can be found here. Casie's Etsy shop is full of other great magnet sets as well as scrabble tile necklaces and extras like organza ribbon necklaces. Visit her shop to see more.

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mainemadness said...

Thank you Grace! Your photos of my magnets look awesome! I'm so glad you like them, I had a lot of fun putting them together. I, too, have a soft spot for lighthouses AND I was married next to one too! :-)