sneak peek for the Art & Vintage Market this month

Following up on the post about CozInk Paper Goods at an Art & Vintage Market later this month, here is a sneak peek at some of the things that will be available there. As I posted before, I'm trying to focus on affordable art, so these prices are lower than I've had at other venues or on Etsy (thanks to Jes for making these prices possible with a very affordable and laid-back venue!).

Bookmarks for $2 each or three for $5. (p.s. the lovely tumbler that these bookmarks are displayed in was created by Kim at claypatties.etsy.com - Kim will also be at the sale later this month!)

Hand-printed cards - set of 8 for $15.

Below, a hand printed scarf. Printed with three oak leaves. $15

Below, hand-printed tote bags. Prices will range from $5-$15 depending on size and fabric. The one shown below is a 15" x 16" lightweight cotton tote for $13.

Some original framed prints, $35 each.

I'll also have some of my photographs, matted and framed, available for sale for $35 - $40. Looking forward to this sale, and hope to see you there!


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