What: CozInk is a small(ish) group of artists in Maine, or with Maine roots, who collaborate, co-promote, and otherwise work together and support each other in various projects. The name is from: coz/cos = cousin and ink = writing/producing stuff, etc. so CozInk = cousins and family who produce art together.

Who: I'm Grace, I do the blogging and whatnot, and I formed CozInk as a way to organize all the different things our family members were doing. CozInk is made up of Jessy Kendall (music, publishing, writing), Jan Mayes (music), Myles Robert (art, music, writing, somuchmore), Grace Kendall (photography, art, organization), Sarah Kendall (photography), Shanti & Buck Curran (music), Gene Mayes (music, writing), and all manner of collaborators.

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