The most recent Earbait project that my brother put together is done and ready for play/distribution/purchase? This is Earbait 4, I think.

The project is that several artists are giving one set of lyrics, and all are asked to put it to their own music and vocals. So the compiled CD includes 12 different musical/vocal interpretations of the lyrics.

The lyrics to this Earbait project were:

"note found in a beer can in a parking lot on high st., portland, maine feb 09/00" music to original version: Kelly Nesbit / words: Karl Greenwald

I woke up with a turd on my tongue
The world was bitter to eyeballs and eardrums.
I wanted to spank someone.
I wanted to tell someone they were bad.
So, I spanked myself, 'cause I knew I'd be bad that day.

Bad like carry grant or frank sinatra. I had whores on the brain
And cocain, and cocktails, saxophoning.
Oh it hurts to be alive. It hurts to feel a need.
Is there anybody out there who knows the need I have?

And where were you when the mountains grew?
I'm stuck on the syllable of you.
And you're stuck on the syllable of me.

You've been made nervous by a star that's chosen to follow you, everywhere.
You've been made nervous by horoscopes assessing your situation, perfectly.
You no longer are interested by why. Has the world been by your side?
You have strange tangle things that whirl around your skin and bones.
And like all things it gets in the way.

The here and now is then and gone.
And beyond the waves a land awaits. Sparkling and warm.
Like bubble baths or esoteric stories.
Beyond the waves a land awaits.

Here is Track #2, "r.r.o.c. vs. lonergan" (r.r.o.c. is Rough Ride of Crafts; AKA Jessy)
(I apologize for the poor sound- it's crappy digital camera sound)

CD cover art designed and printed by Shara Dewitt of Nashville. This is a R.R.o.C. records release. For more information please contact Jessy at shirk@riseup.net

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