a taste of Letter Founder #55

More coming later, but for now I'll leave you with this beautiful expression of humanity...

Glass Kidney
the desk & the pull-out
leave very little space
& Manhattan surrounds me
yet often I prefer
to stay in here

sometimes on late trips
to the bathroom down the hall

I notice a jar beside the door
of an old man I once saw
trying to make it
to the plumbing himself

impossibly frail
he managed a step
every 12 seconds

his aluminum walker
creaking against the tile

his tie and fedora
declaring his aim
to go it alone

now his jar always contains
24 ounces of gold

& I never sleep well

until I've seen to
its emptiness

-Mark Wisniewski

From the last page of Letter Founder issue #55, which is available free at local (Lewiston/Auburn) stores. For more info or to submit work/play contact Jessy at shirk@riseup.net

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