Arborea on BBC radio

Last month, Buck and Shanti traveled to the UK, with stops in Ireland and then in London, where they recorded a session with Mary Ann Kennedy for her "World on 3" program.

Arborea plays 4 songs on the program (in 2 sets, starting at about 17 minutes in, and then again at 59 minutes in, if you're a little impatient), including one unreleased track; Son of the Moon, Daughter of the Sun, which was written for their two beautiful children. That track will be on the forthcoming "Leaves of Live" compilation album that Arborea has been curating. The album will be released later this month, through Bourne! Recordings, and all proceeds from the album will be donated to the World Food Programme and Not On Our Watch. For more information about the comp, visit Arborea's MySpace page.

To listen to the World on 3 session (which played live in the UK on Friday night), click here.

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