Shows on Saturday- music, belly dancing, slam poetry, oh my!

This Saturday (6/13) is shaping up to be an awesome night in Lewiston/Auburn!

First, decisions decisions, because the first two shows of the night run at the same time.

At the Faire-Op housing cooperative in Lewiston, there is a potluck at 6pm, followed by slam poetry and music performances at 7pm by Port Veritas, Snapdragon, and Denise Dill. Faire-Op is a private residence, so email or leave a comment if you want to check that out.

Also running from about 6pm to 9pm, you can stop by Holly's Own Deli at 84 Court Street in Auburn for Middle Eastern Night- belly dancing and Okbari Band. (I'll be hitting up this one- I'm supposed to take pictures there)

Annnnd after those, no decisions necessary, because you can come over to Guthrie's (115 Middle St., Lewiston) at 9pm for more slam poetry from the Faire-Op crowd, and music from Jessy Kendall and Denise Dill.

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