CozInk at Valhalla Fields Festival this Saturday!

This Saturday (June 20), there's a great little FREE festival in western Maine. In Poland, to be exact.

Valhalla Fields Farm is a second generation homestead, started in the 70s with the vision that one day the land would serve as a sanctuary of sorts; a place for artists and musicians to share their crafts in a relaxed, low key way. On the longest day of the year, the farm opens its land to the public for the Valhalla Fields Festival. The festival is free, full of great music and art, and a great way to spend a family-friendly afternoon. No one gets paid, and no one has to pay.

CozInk has some stuff going on in the art show part of the festival as well as the music part. I will have one photograph and one printmaking piece in the art show, and Jessy & Denise will be playing music around 2:30 that afternoon.

Speaking of Jessy and Denise, the name "Tight Like Flight" is out, and they are now going by "Sunwell". "Like a well. With a sun at the bottom." as Jessy explained.

I'll be at the festival with my daughter and my aunt, Jessy and Denise will be there for awhile around their set, and some of the other CozInk people may make the trek out to Poland, I'm not sure. Hope to see you there, though!


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